Individual Birth Time

Why does it need to be so accurate?

Sitting under the starsIt is your exact time of birth that makes your horoscope unique. Your time of birth indicates the unique path of your destiny, that is different from all those peoples destinies who were born at your place on your birthday. From your exact time of birth an astrologer can calculate the timing of good opportunities for love, success, happiness, money, and your career. Once you know the calendar of all those good opportunities ahead of time, you will be able to plan for the changes you wish. With such a unique knowledge you can become the master of your own destiny. You can take full advantage of the proper timing in your life. You will know with certainty, when it will be better to wait, and when to make your moves.

What can you do, if you dont know your time of birth, or if you dont know it accurately? There are several ways ...

Birth Certificates

You can get a birth certificate copy. Before you get it, make sure that your time of birth has been recorded. Rules for the recording of birth times have changed, depending on the year and the country you were born in. When you order the birth certificate, explicitly order your time of birth information as well.

Birth Clinics or Hospitals

What to do if your time of birth has not been recorded by the office that issues the birth certificate? You may have a good chance to get it directly from the clinic or hospital, where you have been born. Give them a ring, and ask for their procedures to hand out your time of birth, or to give you a copy of your birth records from their place.


Birth Time Rectification / Horoscope Rectification

Birth time astrologerRectification is the astrology term for a mathematical correction of the time of birth. It works like this: You tell your astrologer the exact timing of major life events that have happened during your life time. From those events astrologers can calculate your exact time of birth. It is a bit of an art, and some astrologers may take more than a full day to rectify your time of birth. So, be kind on your astrologers and give them only absolutely accurate dates. A good way to find such accurate dates is to search through all your personal documents, and locate those dates. Such documents may include your passport (for travel stamps), certificates, contracts, letters, awards, diaries, appointment books, etc. Here is a list of events to calculate your exact birth time:

Advantage of Horoscope or Chart Rectification

Horoscope rectificationThe great advantage of a birth time rectification is that it can neutralize several sources of inaccurate birth time at once. Proper rectification by an astrology expert can give you a totally accurate time of birth.

Naturally, you would select a trustworthy astrologer only to do this for you. To some degree you can check your own astrologers confidence on rectification. Simply ask them what is the accuracy or confidence limit of their rectification (in plus/minus seconds or minutes). Those accuracy figures you can use for a double check with our birth time calculators, and vedic birth time calculators.

Interested in getting a birth time correction down to the second? You can get your birth time correction directly from famous experts:


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We have to understand that all our judgements in which time plays a part are always judgements of simultaneous events.

Albert Einstein




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