Rectification Procedures

How Do We Calculate Your Accurate Time of Birth?

The experts at BirthTime are well known and highly respected by many astrologers for their enormous accuracy in rectifying birth times. They rectify (correct) your time of birth to a 1 sec accuracy merely from information that you provide about yourself. There are two steps involved in our rectification service:

Rectification - Step 1

The first step is to screen out certain ascendant (lagna) configurations. For that reason you provide your profession and education background information. Within the 24 hours of one day there are only very few time windows that can possibly fit to any educational or professional career. Whether you believe it or not, our experience with thousands of clients has shown that every education, profession or job you ever did appears in your vedic horoscope. We utilize our very large professions data base, that connects 32000 professions to their exact proportions of planetary influences. Those planetary influences always show up with relation to the education, profession or income houses. Knowing this we can narrow down the possible birth times. In most cases only 2 or 3 possible ascendant configurations remain to be considered further.

Rectification - Step 2

The second step involves a very accurate projection of planetary influence lines to calculate your birth time. They are called dashas in vedic astrology. They all start from the exact moon position at the time of your birth.

Exact birth time event linesThose planetary influence lines are fixed exactly by the dates and times when major events have happened in your life. An event date/time marks one point on each line. The nature of the event marks an exact direction for each line.

We project those lines into the past. On your birth date they intersect in one meeting point: The exact 1 second, when you took your first breath on earth.

Verification of Calculated Birth Time

Once we find this exact birth time point, any amount of additional events would fit into the same pattern. Actually we normally use only about 10 of the 15 events that you provide, to find your exact birth time. The additional 5 events we use to verify that the initial result was correct.

Even though all our rectification calculations are based on vedic astrology - also called jyotish - you can use the results in any system of astrology. Once you know your exact time of birth, any good astrologer would give you far more accurate predictions of future events, possible dangers, or good opportunities coming up in your life.

Have a look at our event list and the prices for our service and see whether you want to get that most precious knowledge of the starting point of your own destiny.


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