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How to use the Zodiac Calculator

The zodiac calculator is a tool to find out how much your real birth time influences the relation between the zodiac, your ascendant, and all of your astrological houses. Select or enter your birth time inaccuracy in hours, minutes, seconds. It is not your real birth time. It rather is the time interval that is unknown towards your real and correct birth time. The zodiac calculator immediately generates a new output.

Zodiac Calculator Output

The zodiac calculator tells you how confident you can be about the zodiac sign of your ascendant (1st house), and the zodiac signs relationships with all the other houses. The red number tells you the probability that those relationships have been calculated wrongly. The green number tells you the probability, or confidence level that your zodiac signs and houses match is correct.

Check Your Birth Time and Inaccurate Birth Times, to read more about the possible inputs to the zodiac sign and all the other birth time calculators.

Note: Use the up and down buttons on the zodiac calculator to switch to other birth time calculators. The remaining buttons are not activated.


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