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How to use the Dasha Calculator

How many days are my dasha predictions off? The dasha calculator can tell you. Select or enter your birth time inaccuracy in hours, minutes, seconds. This is not your actual birth time. It rather is the time interval that is unknown towards your real and correct birth time. In addition select the dasha ruler at the time of your birth. This corresponds to your very first maha dasha at the time of your birth. Depending on the ruling heavenly body at the time of your birth your prediction accuracy will change. Venus is most sensitive to birth time changes, while the sun is least sensitive. At present only vimshottari dasha values are accepted. The dasha calculator immediately generates an output.

Dasha Calculator Output

The dasha calculator tells you, how many days maximum any dasha prediction can be wrong, when it is based on this inaccurate birth time. Dashas are very sensitive to birth time errors. Even 15 seconds of inaccuracy can move some dasha predictions by a complete day.

A special feature of vimshottari dasha predictions is this: If the real birth time is earlier, then with a birth time correction all the corrected dasha periods begin later. Birth times and dasha periods move opposite in time!

Check Your Birth Time and Inaccurate Birth Times, to read more about the possible inputs to the dasha and all the other birth time calculators.

Note: Use the up and down buttons on the dasha calculator to switch to other birth time calculators. The remaining buttons are not activated.


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