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Welcome to BirthTime

Hello, my name is Dr. Heinz A. Krug. I am a vedic scientist and engineer, and would like to give you some insights into what has inspired me to create this site.

Technology Career

I started my career with a classical electronic engineering degree. During my studies at German university, I invented a new method, that changed the way electronic circuits were built. As of this year 15% of all computer chip components are produced according to my original patent; the technology is called Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).

Spiritual Career

After that I trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation with the Indian sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and later on learned from my beloved, enlightened guru the advanced TM-Sidhi techniques (supernatural abilities). This gave a new turn to my life.

I began to see the various colors of divine light flowing inside everything with its never-ending dynamism. I learned the laws of the cosmos by experiencing them with my inner eye, and by hearing the cosmic symphonies of angels voices forever resounding at the foundation of our world. While working as an electronic engineer, I could see electrons flowing into chips, and knew instantaneously what part of the machine was working correctly from viewing its light signature (by the way: the color of electron currents is yellow, indeed).

These experiences deepened and developed into a subtler, and more fascinating and blissful dialogue with the divine and all its rainbow facets. They manifest as the laws of nature, that govern our lives in subtle, but distinct ways. Quite soon I saw how and where planets focus those color energies, and make them appear in the various parts of our bodies. I started to see the cosmic constellations, their movements, and where specific planets were at a given moment. The planets just appeared in my expanded field of vision, to say hello.

Vedic Astrology

This was the beginning of my vedic astrology career. I have been practicing western astrology for 30 years. With my engineering background and my love for cosmic precision, vedic astrology attracted me more and more. At the same time the divine dialogue deepened, and became clearer and much more personal. I received a lot of good inspiration from the communication with God, having read the books of Neale Donald Walsch. It is so simple, really; and it is a never-ending, exhilarating bliss.

I started digging into the original vedic scriptures of the great sage Parashara, and marveled about his clarity of understanding. I learned Sanskrit, to understand the scriptures in their original language, and to eliminate the translation mistakes, that had distorted the mathematics of the original astrological formulas, thousands of years old.

Having found the mathematical precision again, I soon realized how absolutely perfect the cosmic laws work in our daily lives. I now have the ability to adjust the cosmic clock of anyone down to a 1 second precision. I have applied this knowledge to thousands of my clients with overwhelming success. Once I find someones exact birth time, any good astrologer can utilize that result and make totally accurate predictions from there.

Precision in Astrology

Bringing precision back into astrology is part of my mission. For me astrology is essential in the clockwork of the omnipresent, all-knowing, almighty Divine. With my deep understanding of the space-time continuum created in a previous incarnation, and my regained knowledge of the quantum physics of consciousness, I am now working to fulfill my dream of a proper unified field theory. My latest theory unites conscious space-time with quantum loop vibration energy, stretching from the rainbow quantum fields of planets to the colored lights of atoms, and with the human quantum body connecting both.

So, I am really a traveler of my worlds of space and time; experiencing the cosmic dimensions from larger than the largest to smaller than the smallest, traveling my own past and future, both learning from my previous lives, and modifying my future wherever and whenever I want. I am happy to meet anyone on the path, who sincerely wants her or his entangled threads of previous actions (karma) sorted out, and neatly aligned for a better future.

Cooperation with Astrologers

Today an increasing number of astrologers utilize my special skills, and happily refer their clients to my web site. Any useful astrology starts with a totally accurate birth time.

The famous vedic astrologer, KN Rao, editor of the Astrology Journal, whom I never met, once wrote that he knew of only 3 people in the world, who can do a birth time correction down to 1 second. Well, I do have another friend with that ability. So, I am glad to regard myself as one of 5 special people worldwide, who have such an extraordinary skill. Dont worry; I am training some more members in my team. I know for sure, that precision will come back to astrology and will help it to be more widely accepted and practically utilized in our daily lives.

With a cosmic smile

Dr. Heinz A. Krug


You can contact me at: heinz e-mail


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