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Check your exact time of birth with the Birth Time Calculators. Now you can see how accurately astrology works for you. Click on the Birth Time Calculator buttons, and have fun.

Birth Time Calculators

Birth Time CalculatorBirth Time Calculators show the influence of birth times on any astrological information. Did you ever ask: Is this my birth time, my real time of birth? Astrology can become far more useful to you, if you know your exact time of birth. This exact time of birth is the moment when you started breathing. It is a single moment at the beginning of your life that contains your whole destiny like a walnut contains the whole walnut tree in seed form. That very fundamental law of nature guides all astrological predictions. As the seed, so is the tree. From the one starting point at the time of your birth all astrological predictions develop sequentially. Once you know the starting point exactly, you can set an exact time on your personal cosmic clock. The many hands of this cosmic clock are the sun, the moon, and the planets. As soon as the cosmic clock is set right, it will indicate your destiny for any future time period of your life. Your destiny can then be calculated correctly using the various astrological timing methods.

Birth Time Moon Signs Calculator

Here is a simple example. Your moon sign may change with your birth time. The moon is continuously waxing or waning. This is caused by her movement around our earth. During one day she travels quite a bit, and may be in two different zodiac signs. To be sure about your moon signs you really need to be sure about your birth time. Click on the Moon Signs Calculator to find how much you can trust any astrological prediction regarding your correct moon sign. See whether your moon sign possibly changes with a correct birth time.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac skyThe sun does not appear to travel through the zodiac so fast. Our earth is moving around the sun only once a year. So, for predictions based on sun position alone you do not need an accurate birth time. Yet, those predictions for the 12 zodiac signs that you can read in all sorts of print media, are not really accurate for you. They are merely based on your birth date. This is simply too general. As you know, there are far more than 12 types of persons around. The zodiac signs alone cannot possibly describe every kind of person on earth. Your individual horoscope is calculated from your birth date, your birth time, and your birth place. It can tell you much more interesting and accurately timed details on you and your destiny.

Birth Time Zodiac Signs Calculator

You may comment: Why do you say that the sun travels slowly? Isnt he rising every morning, and traveling all across the sky during the day? Yes, that is true. But it is all the zodiac with all the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon that appears to move so quickly. This is due to the spinning of the earth. Click on the Zodiac Signs Calculator to see how accurately you can know those zodiac positions in your horoscope, and how much they depend on your birth time.

More Birth Time Calculators

Many other astrological information pieces will fall in place once you can say certainly: My time of birth is now correct. Check the influence of your exact birth time on solar arc predictions with the Solar Arc Calculator. Check the vedic astrology calculators, like the Dasha Calculator and the Nakshatra Calculator.

Birth Time RectificationHow to Get
Your Precise Birth Time

What to do if you dont know your birth time accurately at all? Well, there is an easy way. First you can get a somewhat correct birth time information from offices. See details at our Birth Certificate Copy page.

If you cannot get your accurate birth time from there, or if it is not accurate enough to utilize astrology in a precise way, you can fill in a form with dates of your major life events, and get your birth time corrected by famous experts.


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