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Vedic birth time calculators are tools for more precision in vedic astrology. Birth times are often inaccurate, unless they are corrected. You can find out, how much your birth time is influencing vedic astrology predictions.

Use of Vedic Astrology Birth Time Calculators

The vedic birth time calculators take your birth time inaccuracy as an input. From this they calculate the chances that nakshatras and dashas are either correct or incorrect. The Nakshatra Calculator for example, shows how much you can be sure about your real birth star or moon nakshatra. As long as it is close to 100%, everything is fine. When you reach below 99%, there is some uncertainty already. But as soon as the probability goes below 90%, predictions become unreasonable. Then it would be wise to get your birth time corrected, so that vedic astrology becomes more precise and useful to you.

Precision of Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology allows a birth time correction down to 1 second accuracy. Only when based on such a high precision, many useful methods of vedic astrology, like vargas, start to become very meaningful. Without a birth time correction you cannot really trust most of the varga information.
When you get your birth time corrected (astrology experts would say rectified), ask how precise this correction is: Is it precise within minutes, one minute, ten seconds or within one second? This you can take as an input again for the birth time calculators to evaluate the effects of the new, more accurate birth time.

Two Vedic Birth Time Calculators

  1. Nakshatra Calculator
  2. It takes your birth time inaccuracy as an input. Enter the maximum inaccuracy in hours, minutes, or seconds. Do not enter your actual birth time here, but how much your known birth time could be different from your real birth time. The output will be a possibility, in percent, that the nakshatra of your moon at birth - your birth star - is correct or incorrect.

  3. Dasha Calculator
  4. The dasha calculator takes your birth time inaccuracy as an input. Enter the maximum inaccuracy in hours, minutes, seconds (if available). This is not your real birth time! It is the extent to which you are unsure about your real birth time. The output is the amount of days how far a prediction of future events can be wrong. If such an imprecise prediction is unacceptable to you, do not blame vedic astrology! Better get your birth time corrected or rectified first.

To see the influence of birth time inaccuracies on factors of astrology,
check the Birth Time Calculators.


No birth time is correct.
It needs correction up to seconds, not minutes.

KN Rao, Former Editor of Astrology Journal






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