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Your Own Time of Birth is the
Starting Point of Your Life.
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When Was I Born?

Yantra of Sri Ganesh, Lord of Vedic AstrologyIt is one of the most fascinating questions for anyone interested in real astrology! Your horoscope, astrology birth chart, or character description can be calculated from your exact birth time, date, and place. Any predictions or forecasts depend on the accuracy of your birth time. Both astrology fans and professional astrologers need to know the exact time of birth as an input to their astrology software. Only from birth charts based on an accurate birth time can you get exact predictions. The timing of future events is very sensitive to any birth time changes. We have seen this in the horoscopes of thousands of our clients. We are the world experts for birth time calculation.

Birth Time Rectification to 1 Second Accuracy

You cannot get an accurate birthday horoscope from a printed newspaper. Any useful birth chart has to be done individually. To get accurate predictions from astrology charts you need your horoscope by date of birth but also your accurate time of birth. This applies to all systems of astrology, to vedic astrology, western astrology, Chinese astrology and other systems. The totally correct time of birth quite often does not get recorded at official places. Time keeping of the exact birth time gets sort of neglected (naturally!). There are so many other sources of errors! Recorded birth times may be incorrect by 10 and more minutes. To be really sure, you need a mathematical correction of your birth time. It is called rectification. We, the experts at BirthTime, have developed scientifically correct methods to calculate your time of birth down to the exact second. This is the 1 second when you did your first breath and air started to fill your lungs. From that point in time you have started to interact with the atmosphere and all life on planet Earth.

Vedic Formulas

Astrology ZodiacOur knowledge is based on the original sanskrit scriptures of astrology. These texts are more than 5000 years old. We rediscovered hidden formulas in the texts of the vedic sage Parashara that make vedic astrology a science of utmost precision. Ultimately, every physical atom is guided by natural laws including astrological laws. They work precisely within each fraction of a second. We have applied this precision to thousands of our clients with amazing results. Of all astrology sites, this one is the astrology site focussing on birth time rectification!

Some of Our Clients Said

Hello Dr Heinz, just a note to thank you again for your services - which I am recommending to others by the way.
Alexis R. - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Thank you, You Are wonderful.
Regina N. - Los Angeles, CA, USA

You are a genius. ... thank you so much for your clarity and light. You must be my angel.
Teresa C. - Beverly Hills, CA, USA

To get my individual horoscope by date of birth I needed the time of birth as well. Thank you for calculating it so accurately.
Martha F. - San Francisco, CA, USA

Astrology according to date and time requires an exact birth time. You found it.
Roy C. - New York, NY, USA

Thank you so much for doing the time rectification so fast.
Rakesh K. - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Thank you Heinz - you are a winner!
Kathleen H. - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Thank you for correcting my birth time. I am so happy to at last feel certain I know when my life started.
Diana C. - Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Youve been a great help. Cosmic smiles back to you. Ive pasted in a favorite poem of mine, which I wrote earlier this year. I hope you find something in it that you enjoy.
Lola S. - Houston, TX, USA

Thank you so much for calculating my birth time to the second - I am truly grateful to you and very happy about it.
Clair S. - London, UK

Thank u so much for doing this for me.
Natasha C. - Perth, Australia

I appreciate your hard work on this and hope to refer future business to you. Best wishes.
Dr. Richard S. - Arkansas, USA

Ill certainly recommend your work to other jyotishis and students seeking rectification. Namaste!
Gilly F. - Seattle, WA, USA

I am so grateful to you for calculating my birth time, as I had no way of knowing now that my mom has passed. Thank you very much. I am indebted.
Dr. Marla B. - Denver, CO, USA

Why I am asking you? This is because I find no one more competent than you. Honest!!
Neeraj J. - Bloomington, IN, USA

Thank you for your concern on this matter. Its nice to occasionally find people who care about others (and their customers)!
Simon B. - London, UK

Several months have passed since you calculated my accurate birth time and I must report that having entered the new time into my Western astrology software my daily transits are now completely in line.
Jane M. - Plymouth, UK

Thank you so much for this information. I trust you completely. My mother says she didnt have any clock to really check the time. That was just her assumption about time. So, I wish you a very pleasant day and many, many smiles.
Nada P. - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Thank you for telling the calculation immediately. And, I am really glad to know my accurate birth time. My mother confuses the time of my sisters and mine.
Masami A. - Tokyo, Japan

Thank you very much for all the effort you have put into correcting my birth time. I appreciate it enormously. I have spoken to my mother and she feels that this time is much more accurate.
Dr. Kishore D. - Raslouw, South Africa


Birth Time RectificationGet Your Precise Birth Time Rectification from the World Experts

If you cannot get any birth time information at all, or if you have a very approximate birth time only, we can calculate your real birth time. The procedure is called birth time rectification. It is fairly simple for you. The complex bit will be done by our experts. You would merely fill in a form with dates of your major life events and save it. We, the BirthTime experts receive the form and apply quite an elaborate mathematical procedure to get your birth time. We spend several hours off-line with your data to find your exact second of birth. So, we hope you dont mind that we have to cover our costs. Read all about our prices and our money-back guarantee.

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