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Patricia Ann Hellinger's QuasarHealing
Welcome to Patricia Ann Hellinger's QuaSar Publishing web site. This is your opportunity to learn about natural healing, using the power of your mind to heal your body, and to order her book Hiatal Hernia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Psychic Medium Christina — Psychic Medium • Health Intuitive • Clairvoyant
We are all souls with a purpose on this planet. I was fortunate to discover mine at a young age. Simply put, its to understand we are all connected, were all spiritual beings with our own lifes lessons, challenges, triumphs, joys and disappointments. But we must always remember that nothing happens without reason or cause and that we have the ability to create what we want in our lives! We are powerful beings that can make a difference on this planet, in our own lives and in the lives of our fellow men as well!

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