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Astrology Know-How > Scientific Research (12) Astrofaces is a research study
This study seeks to verify Astrology for modern science using photographs grouped by Sun, Moon & Ascendant signs. Do people who share the same Sun, Moon & Ascendant resemble each other? Ask Astra - Official AstroTwin Registry
AstroTwins are people born at exactly, or nearly the same time and same place. Like birth twins, AstroTwins live similar (sometime even parallel) lives. They generally share the same interests and concerns. Astrological Counseling by Susan Reynolds
Susan Reynolds has been my astrological and psychic counselor for the past ten years. To say that she is not your typical astrologer would be an understatement. Instead of simply noting the current astrological positions and issuing general predictions, she has the unique ability to point out how the planetary energy will influence you and how to react to that energy in the most beneficial way. Astrology File
Excellent scientific study from millions of statistics data. Scientific Proof of the Link Between the Star Signs and Human Behaviour by Gunter Sachs. Out of print. Get used book from Astrology-Research.Net
The RGCSA is an independent research group, which has been set up to monitor standards of research in astrology and promote the use of sound scientific methods in empirical studies. The group aims to stimulate and facilitate the critical study of astrology as judged by the disciplines of social statistics, sociology, psychology, and cultural studies, and to provide the basis for inter-university and international collaboration on research into astrology. CURA
Le C.U.R.A. (Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie). University Centre for Astrological Research. Environmental Cosmology
Introducing a ground-breaking book on the personality code that directly links traditional astrology with empirical studies in values, skills, love, and beliefs. Author Ken McRitchie advocates better critical thinking and improvement of the astrological debate. Fund of Temporal Research, Analysis and Forecasts
"Studies of time and space laws and research of their correlation to the rhythms of individuals and social groups allow to decrease essentially the ratio of erroneous decisions at any levels. They make a favorable impact on public life". (Paul V. Sviridov, Chief, the Center for temporal research, analysis and prognostication, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Astronautics). Planetary-Star Alignments & Symmetries
... as the cause for geophysical events. The Alpha-Astrophysical Research Project (TAARP)
A scientific investigation of the validity of natal astrology. Astrological research using ceremonial magick, mysticism, comparative religion, mythology, Tarot, abstract art, Jungian psychology, Aleister Crowleys writings, and self-organizing software. URANIALAB established by Demetrios.E.Koronakis
Astrology and Medicine - Astrology and Radionics - Astrology and Homeopathy - Astrology and Biology - Astrology and Herbs - Health and Karma-Astrosophy and Health - Astrology and Genetics - Astrology and Colors. Zodiac2000 - Astrological Career Profile Analysis Online
This site is tailored to build career profile analysis based on Astrology directly online and a management of your personal free database. You will find also astonishing results of statistical studies and world predictions.

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