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by Marion March Online Astrology Magazine Rectification | Widget's Astrology World
Services include directory of 1001+ astrological articles, free birthchart interpretations, free compatibility reports, free astrological fonts, free instant astro-tarot readings, Ask the Astrologer column and I-Ching forecastor. Plus an astrology IE toolbar. A syndicated astrology content provider. Rectification of a Birthchart One of the most frustrating things in astrology and in erecting a birthchart is not knowing the time of birth. Rectification can help with ascertaining this although the various methods can give differing answers. Rectification can also be a useful tool in adjusting a known birth time as in many cases the actual birth time recorded has been rounded up. Even an apparently accurate recorded time may be incorrect due to the midwife's watch not being right. Premature Birth - Astrology and the Ethics of Survival
article by Valerie Vaughan Ruminations on Rectification
by Allan Tidmarsh (based on a talk given in September 2000) -- Rectification is the process of applying techniques to determine the correct birth time. Why rectify? If you have an accurate birth time then you will get more accurate predictions - from transits and progressions. If you have no birth time then you will get an inaccurate interpretation. Secrets of Rectification
S. V. Shestopalov, rector of the St. Petersburg Astrological Academy The Craft of Chart Rectification
An Article by Steven Forrest -- copyright Steven Forrest, 2000. This article first appeared in The Mountain Astrologer

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