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Market letter covering stocks (NYSE, NASDAQ, Nikkei, Frankfurt, Neuer Markt), gold, currencies based on financial astrology, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and divine methods Astro Economics, Inc.
Astro Economics, Inc. publishes the monthly Astro Economics® Stock Market Newsletter and How to Choose Stocks To Outperform the Market 2005. AstroCoach
New Directions in Coaching for Success. Professional career coaching and life counselling from one of Americas most highly trained Jungian therapists. AstroEcon Financial Astrology and Technical Analysis
Astrology forecasts and technical analysis for stock market and futures trading using financial astrology, Elliott waves, Bradley, and Gann. Citystats Stock Market Astrology
Ali Mostofi's Citystats gives intra-day astrology trading forecasts for day traders, speculators, and futures traders. See how the stock markets, and currency markets correlate to the astrological aspects of planets and the moon. Ali Mostofi has spent many years correlating the moods of the traders to the aspects of the planets and the moon. Traders' moods fluctuate during the day. As the mood fluctuates, so does their perspective of the news. Corporate Spirit Australia
The spirit of a good company is its people. Condensed version of the basics, needed for understanding the words, used in Reading your Charts. This is a Primary leading into understanding the workings of Astrology charts. Kelley Rosano
Intuitive Astrologer, Personal and Business Success Coach, Author, Group Facilitator. LauraDesJardins - Business or Financial Astrology
Professional business astrological services which can help you to determine the best time to invest and divest, acquisitions, mergers, buying and selling of land, property and merchandise. Select the right employees, develop strategies and formulate growth planning, expansion and downsizing. Personal counseling, video tapes and cassette tapes. Maggie Hyde's Company Guides
Astrology, Business and Media. Astrology offers a unique perspective on the potentials and pitfalls in every human endeavour. Used intelligently in the business environment it can help shape strategy and illumine the wise and fruitful course of action for a company and for key individuals involved. Stuart James Astrology
Stuart James is not your average astrologer. His background is in statistics, finance and managing investments on the stock market. In fact, studying the constant gyrations in financial markets provided the impetus for studying the science of astrology.

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