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- The international website for Astrology. Get your Personal Daily Horoscope and a wide selection of free horoscopes! Zodiacal Zephyr
This astrology site is an absolute must. Very complete collection of resources, toolbox, databases, history, lessons and much more, all about astrology. Astrology Charts and Reports from Extonbiz
Gain insight into your life and relationships. We offer natal, compatibility, vocational and transit reports, as well as birth charts, tarot and numerology reports. Delivered within 24 hours via email.
Welcome to, the leading astrology site since 1995. Free Astrology and Horoscopes from The ultimate guide to exploring astrology, daily horoscopes, love astrology, chinese astrology, zodiac signs, compatibility and more. Astrology3D
You are starring in your own Movie, The Time Capsule is that Movie, As shown in the Sacred Geometry of Astrology
Featuring daily and weekly original horoscopes by Michael Thiessen. Absolutely everything about astrology.
Since 1996 AstrologySource has been delivering both free services as well as professional personalized report services to thousands. Centre for Psychological Astrology
The world-renowned Centre for Psychological Astrology founded by Liz Greene. Learn astrology at the CPA, attend seminars, receive mailings and browse the CPA astrology books. Child/baby Astrology - Heaven's Child
Baby horoscopes, child Astrology site useful advice for parents, beautifully presented reports make an ideal gift CyberWorld Khaldea
Home of authentic humanistic & transpersonal astrology and the philosophy of wholeness. Michael R. Meyer, Editor. Astrology and metaphysical articles. Bookshop. Ephemeris. Daily horoscopes, astrology charts and mobile content
In-depth personal astrology charts and mobile content including SMS and MMS horoscopes Feng Shui Astrology
Your future is at the tap of your fingers. For personality profiles, relationship readings and free horoscopes using the Feng Shui Astrology system - Nine Star Ki. Icelandic Astrology
Astrology - Natal Charts - Constellation. From your Birth-chart we are able to put together an accurate description of your personality, layout the energies which will be affecting your future or tell how compatible your personality is with others. Imsara and Earthwork
Using Astrology and Essences, we specialize in the development of services and programs that focus on personal evolutionary development and growth. It's Astro*Logical
Professional astrological consulting with heart & common sense. Reports, charts. Astrolocality, best sign for you, psychic signs, Matrix software, Astro*Chats Newsletter. Santa Barbara California. Explore the magic of your personal power. Break away from old myths. Karmic Astrology
traces the soul's evolution from past lives into the current life, setting the stage for a great journey of free choice in this incarnation; and New Growth ™ Energy Healing allows the soul's old wounds to finally heal. Kristo's daily horoscope. Astrology for the wildly intuitive.
Dreams, Astrology, Art, Alchemy and Intuition. The alchemy of symbol interpretation in dreams, art and everyday life. Leo Ascending
Let me help you find your answers. Jane Murphy - author, Leo Ascending Weekly Horoscope. Obtain insights into your current concerns. As a professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience in astrology and the divinatory arts, I will provide you with personal guidance and direction, customized according to the nature of your question. Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal
Free daily astrological forecast, political astrology, sunsigns. Medical Astrology by Alex Klouda
Medical astrology provides an alternative approach to restoring health and to prevention of disease. 10;A medical astrologer can determine dispositions and tendencies toward various types of illnesses.

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