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astrologer paul wade offers free astrology resources, horoscopes, sign analyses, zodiac screensavers, cool games and a directory of recommended links! Amb Ava Publishing
now features the writings and services of Taina Ketola, author of Portrait of the Soul - a gifted astrologer and relationship coach who has successfully guided hundreds of clients to their full potential. Annabel Burton
EHS Dip Ast. has studied for twelve years and has been a professional for eight years. Astrology enables greater self awareness so that we can learn to live life to the full and according to our innermost natures, enhancing our individuality and self expression. Astrological Consulting
Astrology reveals how we create our experiential reality through our beliefs and definitions. Astrological Consulting specializes in private counsel to understand these beliefs using the horoscope and astrological applications combined with psychological awareness. Understanding our early environment patterning is key to redefining our reality and creating what we prefer.
Welcome to my astrology site. My weekly horoscope column is published on Wednesdays, which appears in print in the Vancouver Courier, BC and on the website for the Communities of Coquitlam and Port Moody called City Soup. The Astrologically Speaking monthly Editions will be published as time permits during 2004 while I complete my manuscript on Venus. Archived columns are listed on the articles page. Astrology & Horoscopes by AdZe MiXXe
Free astrology and horoscopes by AdZe MiXXe. Daily horoscopes by sunsign, plus your personal daily horoscope. Uniquely accurate horoscope readings show how astrology works. A complete astrology guide, romantic astrology readings, free celebrity horoscopes, all for your empowerment and entertainment! Astrology with Meira*
Astrology With Meira* - New York City - Professional Astrology Consultation, in person or by phone, by a certified astrologer (NCGR) with over 25 years experience. Fluent Hebrew. Classes from beginners to advanced; Astronomy for Astrologers; Public Lectures; Uranian Astrology Tutorial on CD-ROM; Translation of Jewish Medieval Astrology books by Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra; Articles on Astrology. Evelyn Roberts
Evelyn Roberts D.F.Astrol.S, MAPAI, VP of ISAR(International Society for Astrological Research)for Bali... and the organizer/facilitator of 'Astrology in Bali',
The web's most complete astrology resource center. Find astrologers by name, location or specialty. Find astrology organizations, conferences, classes and an excellent selection of astrology products. Get a Real-Astrologer Horoscope Reading
Get a real-astrologer horoscope reading. 135 pages horoscope, astrology articles by Elbert Wade, PMAFA, certified professional consultant astrologer. John Hayes
Horoscopes and Astrology from John Hayes - Your Free Weekly Horoscopes, Monthly Horoscopes and Yearly Horoscopes. Life Direction and Soul Purpose; Astrology Readings and Jungian Counseling
Elizabeth Spring MA is a counseling astrologer with a background in the psychology of Carl Jung. She spezializes in exploring your current life situation, by way of phone consultations, in light of the North Node/South Node reincarnational story and the family karmic inheritance. Transits and progressions for the upcoming year are explored in depth. Elizabeth is a writer as well, and many of her published articles can be read on her site. Nancy R. Fenn the Astrologer who wasn't born yesterday
Find your mission in life with Nancy R. Fenn in a positive, spiritual, empowering and insightful astrological reading ... especially for creatives, intuitives, infps and visionaries. New Aeon Astrology
Western astrology for the current age. Free info on signs, houses, planets, aspects and more. Services include natal charts, synastry, and planetary profiles. Universal Astrology - Maggie Kerr
Personal Horoscope Consultation - Astrology Correspondence Course Buy the 5 Universal Astrology Workbooks A Flight Above Venus
Stacy Davidoff Astrologer & Reiki Master Astrology with Eugenia Last
Astrology with Eugenia Last - The Modern Art of Timing. World-renowned astrologer Eugenia is a daily columnist with Universal Press Syndicate,author of yearly Astrological Guides, lecturer on Astrology and Timing, appears frequently on television and radio, and maintains three web-sites,, Astrology World of Ed Tamplin
Here you'll find the latest astrology news, predictions, and information of interest from astrologer Ed Tamplin. Ed, resident astrologer for radio 2GB Sydney, also presents your free monthly and yearly sun sign predictions in the extensive Horoscopes section. Astrology, Birth Charts, Horoscopes
Astrologer Richard Hills (London UK) offers in-depth astrology horoscope readings for individuals, couples and parents for children, in person or by telephone. Let your birth chart guide you. Carole Devine
At a time when it seems everything is getting more and more complicated, it is a blessing to know that there is order in the universe and that there is a way to find out if we are on the right path. The predictable cycles of our planetary system continue keeping accurate time of your life no matter how hectic and frenzied the drama becomes.

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