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Personalized Astrological Artwork Based on a Special Moment in Time. East meets West - New Age Astrology through Fine Art
A fine art portrait & story based on combining your Chinese Animal Year and Western astrological Zodiac sign by the original 6 artists. Inner Landscapes
Inner Landscapes offers a mix of soul portraits, personal astrological consultations (with Mari Biehn) and computer generated astrological reports. The personal readings can be face-to-face or over the telephone and include a tape. Unique Gifts -Artistic Astrology Charts
Artistic astrological charts and unique new age gifts. Choose from 25 colorful designs to turn astrology charts into works of art! Beautiful birth announcements, posters and Zodiac birthday cards! Welcome to Zodiac Music
The Zodiac Astrological CD Collection! RdA Musics Albert Stern and his Stradivarius violin make the most romantic music available today. Zodiac Arts
The Ancient Art of Time Management. Astrology is the study of celestial cycles and their interrelationships; a symbolic language, rich in depth of meaning. It provides a map of themes, issues, challenges and opportunities that can be used to describe a personality, analyze relationships, understand life's cycles and plan for the future. Zoetic Endeavours
Offers art, astrology, and web design services.

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